Limited time discounts on maintenance contracts!

Limited Time Discount

For a limited time, we're offering yearly maintenance plans for $179 (normally $234!) Save $55 on our twice a year maintenance plans and 10% off any repairs while on contract!

Miami's Maintenance Experts

Regular AC maintenance is crucial to keeping your HVAC unit running at maximum efficiency. It's also important to get your unit serviced regularly to identify potential issues that could cause costly breakdowns. If our HVAC experts find that your unit needs to be repaired, we offer our maintenance plan customers 10% off the cost of the repair.

What You Receive

With our yearly maintenance plans, you can count on:

  • Guaranteed 24 hour window of service.
  • Inspect drain lines, drain tablets, filters (if included with maintenance)
  • Check refrigerant pressure, up to 2 lbs of refrigerant
  • Calibration and check-up of thermostat.
  • Electric heater testing.
  • Evaporator coil inspection
  • Wash/ replace air filters (if applicable)
  • Add drain line tablets
  • Inspect compressor and motor supply voltage and amperage
  • Inspect control board wirings and terminals
  • Inspect high/low pressure control
  • Inspect proper sealing of supply/ return plenums
  • Mold inspections 
  • Check obvious refrigerant and oil leaks
  • Check operating temperatures
  • Test contactors, capacitors
  • Inspect all electrical relays
  • Verify outdoor unit is properly tied down
  • Verify filter is accessible at all times
  • PVC "T" cap installation
  • Inspect any copper lines insulation

Learn More about Protecting Your AC System with Expert Maintenance!

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Restrictions Apply:
  • Single-Family Homes Only
  • On Working Systems Only
  • Attic Installations Do Not Apply
  • Offer Valid Through January 12, 2020
  • Additional Charges May Apply
  • Details
    • Expires 02/29/2020
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