worth ave palm beach florida

Palm Beach, Florida is an island just off the coast of the mainland from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.

So in that respect, it’s quite similar to Miami Beach. The island’s motto is “The Best of Everything,” with the demographic predominantly made up of wealthy retirees.

The city’s story is very interesting, and closely linked with one of the biggest names in Florida’s development history: Henry Flagler.

Henry Flagler first developed West Palm Beach, designing it as an access point for the Florida East Coast Railroad.

For a bit of trivia, here’s another fun fact: Palm Beach is the easternmost city in Florida.

The weather is typical of the region with temperatures fluctuating from 70 to 90 degrees in a normal year, which makes air conditioning an extremely important aspect of life and culture in Palm Beach. The commercial success of the city is almost entirely based on businesses having working AC units and cool air.

Tourists rely on air conditioned hotel rooms, seniors rely on temperature-optimized retirement communities, and the work force demands efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning.

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