Extreme temperatures call for extreme actions. Here are some creative ideas the brilliant minds of America are coming up with to stay cool during the summer heat.

Because Honestly, Who Doesn’t Want a Tarp Pool? 

tarp with water on top

Because Traditional Ceiling Fans Are Totally Overrated

wooden ceiling fan with lights

Cheer Up, Lady. It’s 100 Degrees in Florida. Salsa Hats For Life

salsa in plates

fiesta hat on cactus

In Case Your Fan is Overheated, Or You Don’t Understand How Science Works

overheated fan
Future Hubby Alert 

future husband with future wifecouple on their wedding-day

Your Next DIY Project

diy project

Because This Makes More Sense Than Not Wearing a Heavy Vest

contruction worker with vest

Exposing Your Skin to Chemical Muck is Better Than Being Hot, Am I Right? 

chemical muck in a river

“Am I Doing It Right?” #SWAG