10 Places in Miami to Relax When Your AC is Broken

There is no worse feeling than when the humidity is high, the temperatures are hot, and your air conditioner breaks down. Direct AC prides itself on speedy service, but it is so hot in Miami that even a short wait can be practically unbearable. Which begs the questions: Are there places in Miami to go to cool down while you wait? There definitely is.

Here’s our list of the 10 most relaxing places to hang out at while you’re waiting for your AC to be repaired:

1. Museums – Miami features a multi-faceted culture and museums that cater to anybody’s tastes. For art lovers, there are four excellent places to visit for fantastic art: The Perez Art Museum of Miami, Frost Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, and the Base Museum of Art. Children will also be fascinated by hands-on exhibits at the Miami’s Children Museum and the Miami Science Museum.
2. Water Attractions – Keep cool at Miami’s many water attractions, such as Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach. Take a ride on a catamaran, go on an adventure tour of the Everglades, or relax for a day at Grapeland Water Park.
3. Dining –  You won’t want to cook in a house with no air conditioning, so make it a special occasion and visit one of Miami’s fine dining establishments. Everyone can find their favorite food in Miami.
4. Beach Fun – Beaches can provide family fun for hours while you are waiting on the air conditioner to be fixed. It’s free (mostly) and a great place to stay cool by the ocean and enjoy a beautiful day in Miami. Most of the coast has walking paths, a lovely view of the ocean, and food stands.
5. Downtown Miami – You can seem many of the historical features in downtown Miami. It is being renovated and offers unique boutiques, shopping areas, and fine or casual dining.
6. Spas – If you need a total relaxing experience to de-stress from the world, try one of the many specialty spas in the area. You may choose from Beach Spas, a day spa or take advantage of one of the many spas in the finest hotels.
7. Malls – Take a trip to the mall. Not just any mall, but a beautiful mall that includes a 24 screen movie complex, brand name anchor stores, specialty boutiques and a fun playground for the kids.
8. Miami International Airport – There are many areas that do not require you to go through security checks to see the sights in the Airport. Shop in many of the small stores, watch the jets fly in and out, relax in a restaurant and just watch the people.
9. Tours – Tours are available for land or sea. Relax and let someone else do the research and take you to the most notable sites. Tours are a great way to look over the city and decide where you want to spend a specialty day.
10. Nightlife – We hope that you are not waiting long hours for your AC repairman, but if you are, consider winding up the day with a night on the town. Clubs, restaurants, and lights will help you forget about your AC problems and give you a special memory instead.

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