Our Maintenance Plans


Reduces Breakdowns

Worry-free Scheduling

Increases System Longevity, Efficiency and Safety

Guaranteed 24/7 Emergency Service

10% Off Repairs

21 Point Inspection Includes:

$249 Annually

  1. Inspect drain line
  2. Check refrigerant pressures
  3. Calibration and check-up of thermostat
  4. Electrical or gas heat testing 
  5. Evaporator coil inspection
  6. Wash and replace air filters 
  7. Add drain line tablets
  8. Inspect compressor supply voltage and amperage
  9. Inspect motors supply voltage and amperages
  10. Inspect control board wirings and terminals
  11. Inspect pressure controls
  12. Inspect proper sealing of supply / return plenums
  13. Mold inspection
  14. Obvious refrigerant and oil leaks
  15. Operating temperatures
  16. Test capacitors
  17. Test contactors
  18. Inspect all electrical relays
  19. Verify outdoor unit is properly tied down
  20. Verify filter is accessible at all times
  21. Inspect any copper line insulation
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