10 Signs You are a Native Floridian

florida state flag
Most native residents build up a series of shared habits to get the most out of the Florida lifestyle, and there are always unmistakable signs that remind you how the Sunshine State helped shape your personality.
1. At one point during adolescence you, your sister or your mom shopped at Bealls.
The store and its Bealls Outlet chain are exclusive to Florida, and at least one female in your family received birthday clothes from there each year.
2. You understand the difference between Miami and South Beach
Some South Beach residents will even go so far as to deny Miami residence when asked about their Greater Miami-located home.
3. Your first experiences going boating were solely for the sake of fishing.
Others may enjoy lounging or sailing the open waters, but you or someone you know grew up going on fishing excursions.
4. You understand the importance of authentic Key Lime Pie
True Key Lime Pie can’t just be made with any lime. The popular dessert can only be authentic when made with limes from the Florida Keys.
5. You’ve never seen snow.
It’s not at all uncommon to reach adulthood without ever having seen this wintertime wonder. Holiday traveling is the only hope some have to experience such an event.
6. You have a complete mental list of all supplies needed to prepare for a natural disaster.
Hurricanes in Florida are as easily expected as thunderstorms are for some people. During hurricane season (or any other weather event), you don’t have to ask around or research supply lists because you’ve been doing it for so long.
7. You enjoy going to the beach in the fall… and maybe even winter.
Checking national weather maps may help put this into perspective, but many Floridians still get to indulge in summer activities while others across the country are shoveling their driveways.
8. Going to Disney World is more like a weekend trip than a vacation.
The majority of Floridians have been to Disney World at least once, but many make it a frequent activity. Many even own annual passes and visita multiple times a year.
9. You always longed for a basement growing up.
For most Florida kids, basements are cool hangouts that only people on TV experience. The state’s height above sea level creates a flooding hazard, so basements are a no-go.
10. You schedule group events around the daily high.
The weather controls nearly everything when you live in Florida, and exceptional temperatures are to be avoided at all costs. They’ll also make you walk a mile from your car just to get a parking spot in the shade.

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