5 Easy Steps To Reduce Your A/C Bill Now!

One of the biggest monthly gripes in any household, office, or business is how much the energy bill costs.
In South Florida, cooling is a major issue. Let’s face it, when it’s hot out, we gotta have our AC. It’s just the way it is.
But with these 5 easy steps, you too can reduce your monthly air conditioning bills at your home, office, or business. Remember, Miami AC Repair specialists Direct AC know how to save you money!

5. Pick Alternate Cooling Methods
Whenever possible, use fans instead of your air conditioner. When you must use it, set it on the “Low” or similar setting and then use fans to circulate the air. Additionally, freeze water-filled milk or soda jugs and then put the ice bottles in front of a fan to create colder air without using extra electricity.
4. Rethink How You Use Electricity
Many appliances in your home not only use electricity, but put off extra heat. Keep lights turned off on bright, hot days. On cloudy days or at night, use only the amount of light you need. Instead of leaving lights on throughout your house, turn them off as soon as you leave a room. In addition, don’t use heat-generating appliances during the hottest part of the day. For example, wait until it’s less hot and humid to cook indoors or run your clothes dryer. Also, make more cold meals, cook outdoors or wait until it’s cooler and then cook enough meals to last for several days.
3. Keep Hot Air Out
When it’s warm and sunny, many people repeatedly enter and exit their homes as they perform outside chores or go places. Every time you open a door to the outside, you let hot air in. When you need to run errands, such as go to a doctor’s office, grocery shopping or gym, schedule them in a row on the same day so you only need to leave and return once or twice. In addition, check the expected weather for the day beforehand to improve your chances of leaving and returning when temperatures are at their lowest.
2. Install Opaque Window Treatments
Use dark, non-transparent curtains, shades and blinds to keep the sun’s hot rays out of your home. If you don’t mind the glass on your windows having a dark tint, consider installing heat control window film. If you prefer to block the sun from the outside, install outdoor shutters, awnings or solar shades.
1. Reset the Air Conditioner 
Set your air conditioner to its energy saver mode. If it doesn’t have an energy saving setting, sell it and use the money to purchase one marked with the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR certified appliances are guaranteed to reduce electricity usage and save you money! And if you want an air conditioning unit that never stops, call Direct AC and we’ll set you up with a Trane, and financing, so you can stay cool all year round, and keep your wallet full too. Also, Miami AC repair is a great way to ensure that you are not wasting energy in your home.

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