After surgery, Direct AC’s air purification saved my life!

waves of purified air next to chair

How Direct AC’s Air Purification Saved My Life

window in the sky You are only as healthy as the air you breathe! And air purification can literally save your life. After a near death experience, I was stunned to find that scientists believe 50 percent of illnesses are caused by poor air quality. I know this better than a lot of people because after I had a heart transplant, dirty air almost killed me. Here is my story on how important it is for your home and office to have a clean air system. After a heart transplant surgery, my temporary residence was a nice looking hotel built in 1929.

I spent a lot of recuperation time on the deck overlooking the water and counting my blessings. But one month post-transplant I fell seriously ill. Physicians determined that my lungs were infected with aspergillus, an invasive mold that is especially active in hot, humid climates like Florida. My left lung was infected and high temperatures, fever and lack of appetite stayed with me until a powerful new medication fought back. Trust me. It was rough. During that time, the physicians informed me that they believed the hotel lacked sufficient air filtering to provide a safe environment. I needed clean, filtered air and my comfy room was in a building with sick building syndrome. I knew this would be expensive, and my medical bills were piling up. I found out I could afford a purification system with AC financing in Miami. As soon as I relocated to a place with proper indoor air quality, I felt and breathed the difference. We immediately had Direct AC do an affordable purification service at our permanent residence.

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We now reside in a clean-air home without flues, pneumonia, skin dryness, skin infections, mold infections and as near as I can tell, without bacteria. My immune system is and always will be compromised but I am safe and healthy with my clean and pure air.

We are truly blessed. Here’s hoping you will benefit from my true story.

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