Best Places to Beat the Heat in Miami

Miami is a great place for people to spend the summer. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor activities, this city has a variety of venues to help people stay cool. Learn more about these great venues to discover how you can beat the summer heat.

Top 3 Places to Visit During the Heat in Miami

Trump Doral Golf Resort and Spa
Outside of Trump Doral Resort and Spa People looking to beat the heat in Miami might consider making a reservation at the Trump Doral Golf Resort and Spa. This venue has a variety of amenities to help people keep cool during the summer. Their award winning spa offers individual and group exercise classes. The spa has several indoor and outdoor pools for people interested in swimming. The outdoor pool is for adults only and has a waterfalls hot tub. People can visit to learn more about the services offered at Trump Doral Golf Resort and Spa.

Miami Science Museum and Pamm Art Museum
Miami Arts & Sciences Museum The Miami Science Museum is an excellent place to people to stay cool during the summer. This museum offers a variety of exhibits and activities throughout the year. Animal lovers can visit the wildlife center to see birds, lizards, and snakes in a safe environment. The museum is open daily from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M. with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additional information about the museum can be found by visiting the website at

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Florida Water Sports
Water Sports in Miami Florida Spending the day at Florida Water Sports is a great way to keep cool during the heat of summer. Wakeboarding and wake surfing are one of the most popular water sports that allow people to ride waves at fast speeds. Waterskiing is another popular water sport offered at this venue. Water tubing is an excellent way to cruise the water in comfort. Florida Water Sports offers a variety of packages to accommodate all your water sport needs. Visitors can find out more information such as location and contact information by visiting the website at Whether you enjoy the indoors or outdoors, Miami has a variety of fun things to do to help people kept cool during the summer. Visitors can enjoy a day of comfort when they stay at the Trump Doral Golf Resort and Spa. Children and adults can learn a great deal about science and culture when they visit the Miami Science Museum. People can also enjoy some of their favorite water sports by visiting Florida Water Sports.

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