Goodman VS Trane AC Units

Picking out a replacement air conditioner when your old one reaches the end of its lifespan is always a challenge. After all, most homeowners want to invest their money in an AC unit that will last for many years to come. It’s hard to see through the hype and advertising to pick out the best AC unit for your home.

However, Direct A/C can explain more about the different brands. Our air conditioning company has years of experience working with many AC units from dozens of manufacturers. We know what customers are focused on when shopping for a quality air conditioner.

Two brands you may be interested in are Goodman and Trane, as both are known for resilient products. However, these two brands are quite different with features unique to each of their products.

Goodman AC Units
Designed to provide exceptional durability and resistance to the weather, Goodman air conditioners are a good choice for Florida’s climate. The manufacturer uses a powder-coating technique on the metal exterior components and casing. This baked-on finish stands up to the salty air ensuring that your air conditioner lasts far longer before repairs are needed.

If you are interested in promoting American industry too, these ac units are made entirely in the US. It also means you can trust that they are designed and constructed to the highest standards. Plus, Goodman is known as a budget-friendly brand with more affordable air conditioners in general.

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Trane AC Units
Known as a higher end brand, Trane has a wide selection of air conditioners available for homeowners. They also offer units with more features, such as variable stage AC units and smart thermostats.
Trane puts their units through exceptional testing measures, such as exposing them to alternating hot and cold temperatures for up to 16 weeks. Thanks to their exceptional quality, you’ll end up paying more for the Trane brand compared to Goodman, and it is harder to source Trane products. If you are on a budget, there are many benefits to picking out a Goodman air conditioner. You can count on its weather-resistance and enjoy a well-made product. Trane is also well-constructed, and this brand puts their ac units through thorough testing. The latter may cost more to have installed, but if it is the right brand for you then the price is worth it.
till not sure which air conditioner to get installed? Consider giving Direct A/C a call or filling out our online form to request a free consultation with one of our AC installation specialists in Florida. You can also ask our Miami HVAC company about a cost estimate on any of our cooling and air quality services.

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