Goodman vs. York: Which AC Brand Is Right for You?

Wondering whether Goodman or York is the best air conditioner manufacturer for your Miami home? That’s a great question—and you’re smart to ask!

In a climate as demanding as Southern Florida, you can’t replace with your air conditioner with just any random unit and expect reliable cooling power. Given our extreme heat, humidity, and salty sea air, you need an air conditioning installation that’s built to perform.

The good news is that both Goodman and York are reputable, well-respected brands, and both offer excellent HVAC systems that deliver refreshingly cool air, even on hot Florida days. To help you choose between them, read on to find out a few major differences. (And remember—you can always contact our Miami HVAC company for a free consultation!)

Goodman Air Conditioners
Despite being a newer company than big-ticket names like Lennox, Goodman is an all-around solid choice for any home AC system. Goodman designs, engineers, and assembles all of their systems at their high-tech headquarters just outside of Houston, TX—the largest HVAC building in the country. In addition to this brand’s famous technological innovations, many homeowners prefer Goodman’s USA-centric manufacturing process. In fact, the same Goodman plant manufactures Amana air conditioners using the same equipment and components! Amana is often marketed as the more premium brand, but you can save a fair amount of money by choosing Goodman air conditioners for your Miami home.
Unique to the industry, Goodman also offers a limited lifetime warranty on select compressors, which compares favorably to the industry average of just 10 years.

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York Air Conditioners
A company with a long history in refrigeration and cooling, York is known as a reliable HVAC brand with plenty of mid-level air conditioners available. Compared to Carrier, which tends to be pricier, York offers a variety of affordable systems. Although these lower-cost options may not have all the bells and whistles of a more high-end brand, they still provide dependable performance and exceptional durability in the challenging Florida climate. York offers three different lines of air conditioning units, with many models earning the Good Housekeeping Seal and ENERGY STAR certification. Of course, the higher-efficiency models do tend to cost more, but they often pay off over a lifetime of energy savings (and home comfort!).

Goodman vs. York: The Verdict
What’s the final decision between Goodman and York? It all comes down to your specific Miami home. To stay cool and comfortable, you’ll need to choose an air conditioner that is:

Made by a Trusted Brand
Adequately Sized for Your Property—Not Too Large or Too Small
Backed by Dependable Warranties
Within Your AC Replacement Budget

For most local homeowners, both Goodman and York can fit the bill just fine. In fact, the most important guarantee of long-term AC performance is typically not the brand at all but rather the air conditioning company you hire to install it. That’s because the vast majority of home cooling problems come from improper installation and servicing—not manufacturer defect!
Put yourself in expert hands by hiring Direct Air Conditioning, LLC as your Miami HVAC company. We’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners since 1995 and install more than half a dozen of the industry’s best brands, including Goodman, York, Lennox, Carrier, and more. We’d be happy to sit down with you and show you how each brand compares, point by point, with no sales pressure at all.
Get started today by giving Direct A/C a call or filling out our quick online form!

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