Top 10 Cities In The U.S. That Need AC As Much As South Florida Does


The U.S.A. is a big place, and many cities across the U.S. are warm on a regular basis. Here is a list of 10 cities, outside of South Florida, that need AC on a regular basis.

1. Phoenix, Arizona- This city is in competition with Miami for hottest city. The heat averages over 89° regularly, whereas Miami doesn’t stay that hot all year round. The average temperature in Miami, makes it comparable to Phoenix.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada- Sin city is a hot city too. This place is a desert, so beware of the heat. There are 70 days a year average of 99° or more. Unlike Miami, the weather here stays extremely hot year round, even during winter months.

3. Dallas, Texas- There are many days in the year when the temperature rises over 99°. Although southern Florida has warm temperatures, Dallas, Texas can have some extremely hot days, requiring a lot of AC.

4. Austin, Texas- The heat in Texas can be so hot, that even the shade feels extremely warm. The heat in Texas compares to southern Florida, because it’s always warm, but there are less hot days in Texas, than Florida.

5. Sacramento, California- The whole state of California is on the Pacific coast, and is typically warm throughout the year. Sacramento can be very warm, and averages 11 days a year over 99°. The weather is similar to southern Florida, because it stays warm, but not as hot.

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6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- OKC averages 11 days a year, of temperatures that rise over 99°. The weather can stay warm, and you’ll need to run your AC many times throughout the year, similar to southern Florida.

7. San Antonio, Texas- San Antonio averages eight days a year over 99°, but the weather is warm enough to warrant running the AC throughout the year, just like you would in southern Florida.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah- Many choose to travel to this destination for vacation, and the warm climate is one of the reasons. Although it’s not hot all the time, the weather gets warm, but not as warm as southern Florida.

9. Houston, Texas- Houston is cooler than southern Florida, but it can get warm. It averages four days a year over 99°.

10. San Francisco, California- Although the weather in this city is similar to southern Florida, southern Florida is definitely much hotter on a regular basis. Even still, you may want to run your AC, while in this city.

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