How to Prepare for Southern Florida’s Spring Allergy Season

caution sign for allergies ahead

It’s true that Florida residents are lucky. Florida stays
warm and mostly sunny almost all year-round, which is part of the reason why
it’s such a popular vacation destination. However, while the change in seasons might
not be dramatic when compared to the four-season climate of our neighbors to
the North, we still have an allergy season in Florida.

In fact, the warm climate of Florida actually contributes to
higher levels of pollen in the air—making for a longer and more powerful
allergy season compared to the rest of the country. Additionally, because
Florida stays warm all year, we battle distinct allergy triggers almost
year-round. For example, from December to May, pine and oak pollen are the
biggest culprits for triggering allergy attacks, while grass pollen is an issue
from April to October.

The good news is that with proper planning and specific
household tricks, you can stay safe inside your home during peak allergy season
in Florida. Keep reading to learn some handy tips for preparing your home for
allergy season, and what you can do to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Tips to Stay on top of Your Allergies

In the spring, the levels of pollen in the air are at an all-time
high—and many different types of pollen particles circulate through the airways
and make their way inside homes and buildings at a higher rate. Plus, spring is
known for an increase in storms, which contributes to an increase in pollen

To help you manage, our team at Direct AC has put together this list of
tips to help you stay protected from allergies and protect your indoor air quality. Here’s
what you need to know:

  • Limit Physical
    The more you play in the grass or come into contact with trees and other
    plants, the greater your risk of exposure.
  • Shut It
    We get it. It’s tempting to open the windows and let the breeze come in.
    This is especially true when the temperature starts to climb. Resist the urge
    to open the windows and enjoy the breeze, and instead keep your home and car
    windows shut tightly. This will prevent the pollen from blowing in and sticking
    to your furniture or car seats.
  • Stay Inside All Morning: While it might be impossible to stay indoors all
    day long, try your best to avoid going outside in the morning hours. The
    morning is when the pollen count is at its highest.
  • Vacuum and Clean: Your AC unit is going to bring in pollen and dust
    by virtue of its airflow system. The easiest way to keep your sinuses clear is
    to regularly vacuum and clean your house at least twice a week. Focus on the
    areas where pollen tends to accumulate like furniture, carpeting, bedding, and
    air filters.
  • AC Maintenance: Your air conditioning unit protects you from allergic reactions in a
    number of ways. First, the cooler air directly contributes to a lower pollen
    count within the home since pollen prefers the heat. Second, the air filters
    are designed to trap dust, air particles, and pollen instead of letting them
    blow free. However, they need to be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal
    function. Finally, check the seals and valves around your air conditioning unit
    for leaks. Leaks create condensation and also let air debris through where it
    shouldn’t, leading to higher particles inside the home.

AC Maintenance and More with Direct AC

The intensity of the hot and humid Miami climate makes
air-conditioning a necessity instead of a mere luxury. Keeping the home and
family cool is not only important to your comfort but also your health. Severe
allergic reactions and heatstroke are some of the most common problems
homeowners face when in a home with an AC unit that isn’t performing as it

Since 1995, we’ve provided quality and affordable air
conditioning services in Miami and the surrounding areas. As a part of our
product offerings, we provide full-service customer support and long-term
guarantees to back-up our long list of comprehensive AC services.

Here are some of the following HVAC system services we
provide for our customers:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement

Do you need air duct cleaning? Give us
a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional air conditioning repair services
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