Comparing Lennox vs. Trane A/C Units

Living comfortably in an energy-efficient home is a high
priority for any homeowner. In fact, one of the most important installations to
consider when purchasing or upgrading a home is your air conditioning system,
which is usually the most important way to keep costs down and the indoor air
clean and comfortable throughout the year.

If you’re installing a brand-new A/C unit in your home,
choosing the right one is a huge decision—especially for homeowners in Miami
and the rest of South Florida. Summer seasons are long, hot, and humid, and
getting through them means depending heavily on your air conditioner for
relief. That said, there’s nothing worse than a unit that breaks down often and
having to replace or fix it every year is bound to be a drain on everything
from your energy bill to your daily comfort and convenience.

At Direct A/C, we’re proud to help our customers purchase
and install the most superior air conditioning systems on the market. In
particular, two of our most popular products are Lennox and Trane air
conditioning systems—both of which are excellent choices for superior air
conditioning performance.

If you’re currently in the market for a brand-new air conditioning system and
can’t decide between Lennox vs.
Trane, take a look at this article on the two by our experts at Direct

Superior Cooling with Lennox

There are many brands and types of air conditioners out
there, but Florida’s hot and humid climate makes a heavy-duty, high-performance
system necessary for living comfortably throughout the year. Lennox has a
superior selection of top-quality air conditioning systems that offer a full
range of features and the dependability necessary for A/C replacement in Miami.

Some of the benefits of the Lennox Line include:

  • Precision Control: The technology within lets your Lennox unit
    perfectly control the temperature in the face of rising heat and humidity
    levels from the Miami sun.
  • Efficiency: Boasting SEER ratings of up to 26, the ability for
    Lennox units to be energy-efficient is virtually unmatched.
  • Quiet Operation: Everyone wants power and efficiency without
    feeling like you’re on a construction site. Lennox systems specialize in being
    quiet while performing every single day to deliver a climate-controlled home.
  • Durability: These units are designed to handle all temperature
    changes and hold up to anything that comes its way making this a unit that

High-Quality and Performance with Trane

Trane is another popular premium brand that many homeowners trust, known for its dependability, durability,
and high performance. Some benefits you can expect with your Trane A/C installation include:

  • Pure Comfort: The Trane system is specifically built to give
    customers precise control over their comfort level by operating at the speed needed to keep the home
    comfortable by matching to the external environment. Temperature changes
    throughout the day and the Trane system will match those changes by speeding up
    or slowing down accordingly.
  • Efficient Performance: Say goodbye to outrageous energy bills. With
    a SEER rating averaging between 18-22 you can trust that your home will stay
    cool without killing your energy bill.
  • Communications: The Trane system packs a communications system that
    when combined with indoor units lets you sync up all your key components making
    for optimal performance through the lifetime of your products.
  • Quietly Durable: Designed to last and stand up to anything thrown
    its way. In addition, the unit packs a quiet fan will ensure that the operation is functional without being too loud.
  • Clean Air: By adding the top filter to go with the Trane unit you
    can filter incoming pollen, dust, and more to realize cleaner and healthier air
    that stays cool.

Making a Decision: Trane
vs. Lennox

If these systems sound similar in performance, you’re right.
While each company’s products might differ in design, both are highly
dependable products that meet our stringent quality standards at Direct A/C.
That’s why our company carries both lines for our homeowners to choose from, while offering professional consultations
and installation, repair, and maintenance services for our customers to take
advantage of.

Our customers can count on us every time to provide:

  • A/C Installation
  • Air Conditioner Repairs
  • A/C Replacement
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Air Quality Service

Ready to begin upgrading your A/C unit and are still unsure
about the best central air
conditioner for Florida to choose? Give us a call to speak with one of
our agents or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home consultation
and pricing estimate for air conditioning Miami homes

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